Reshema Johnson is one of the most versatile hair stylists based in South London. Reshema first began mastering her craft at the age of 14. She started working with a stylist named Deborah Daley who made a lasting impression on her, while Reshema watched Deborah work and interact with her clients she knew this was something she wanted to do for her self one day. Deborah had a skill for an amazing finish, which can now be seen in Reshema’s work.

Reshema then went on to work as a stylist’s assistant up to the age of 18; during that time she began to train at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. Reshema’s interest in hairdressing allowed her to fast track levels 1-3 in hairdressing within 2 years. Once fully qualified Reshema then started to build her own client list, after a few successful years she felt confident enough to start her own brand and open the shop you see today.

Reshema states ‘There isn't anything in particular I enjoy about hairdressing I just love doing hair and making women look and feel amazing’. Reshema is recognised for her sharp cuts, natural looking weaves and vibrant colours. Within Reshema’s 15 years of styling she has never been bored of her job, she is a creative and a creator she see’s past the eye and styles based off face shapes, individual style and personalities.