Maintaining your hairstyle and working out can seem impossible however if you create a routine and put in a little extra effort it can be easily achievable. Try to visit the gym days in a row, on the first day wrap your hair using paper wrapping strips along with a breathable mess wrap. Once you’ve finished working out remove existing wraps and re-wrap the hair using fresh papers, allow to dry as your body cools down.

After a few days of sweat build up I then recommend you wash and wrap your hair and do a soft tong until you are able to visit the salon. If your hair has length to it place in a high loose bun and wrap your edges using paper wrapping strips along with a breathable mesh wrap. Once finished working out blow dry the hair with cool air, this helps by closing the follicles of the hair whilst encouraging them to lay flat and smooth. Also like short hair once there is too much sweat build-up a wash is advised.


A very important tip I would like to share with my readers is to help prevent hair damage from heated tools. When purchasing curling tongs or straighteners always try to get heat regulated ones, this is important as heat regulated tools lesson the damage that over heated tools may cause to your hair. Using very high heat frequently will result in dry, limp and discoloured hair; this then leads to breakages of hair strands.

If however you already own styling tools that are not heat regulated, once the tongs or straighteners have fully heated up turn them off and use whilst cooling down. Also always remember to protect your hair using any of the products mentioned in my previous posts. Regular treatments and trims are also important for the best-looking results.


Proclaim Glossing Polish

This product is ideal for styling weaves and natural hair. It helps to protect the hair from heat and adds lustrous shine without making the hair appear greasy or stiff.


Elasta QP Curl Wax

Elasta QP Curl Wax is perfect for maintaining short styles. This product is a heat protector that also maintains curls after tonging and adds a lasting shine. This product should be used only before and or after styling.




Too often clients come in and I feel as though they are not getting value for their money when purchasing hair from vendors, vendors tend to claim they are selling bundles of the highest quality when in actual fact they’re not.

To ensure my clients are purchasing good quality hair bundles here are a few tips…

1. If you are unsure of a promotion i.e. photos/comments try not to buy blind, buying blind is purchasing a product without any first hand contact with it. I know when buying hair, it can be difficult to follow through with seeing it before you purchase but it is the best option.

2. When purchasing bundles run your fingers from top to tip to get a feel for the texture, the texture should be smooth but not extremely silky as the hair must always have body and weight.

3. Ensure your bundles are full right the way to the tips, thin bundles will only result in the hair looking equally as thin once installed. This will then force you to use more bundles in order to give you your desired style. Using excessive bundles can cause strain to your hair follicles which if damaged could result in permanent bald patches.

4. If possible, check the weft of the bundles to ensure they are neatly stitched and only have a double layer of weft stitched together.

5. Avoid buying pre-coloured bundles, try to purchase them in their natural form which is usually Colour 1b or Colour 2.


The little mermaid is a perfect look for the up and coming season that is summer.  Firstly I stripped the hair to a platinum blonde colour, and then applied three different shades of blue starting from the roots to the ends of the hair. Once the correct colour was achieved the hair was then trimmed into a "bowl cut”, a bowl cut is heavy at the back and front but slightly aded in at the sides.

My client is currently transitioning from one style to the next; which is known as the "growing out period" therefore a bowl cut was perfect for her. To achieve this look the hair must firstly be in great condition so regular treatments will be necessary before and after colouring. The colours used are known as "pastels" and will fade quicker than vibrant colours so up keeping this colour recommends regular visits in order for the style to look its best at all times. 


This look was created by firstly custom colouring 3 bundles of Peruvian Straight human hair in three different shades of blonde.

After installation long layers were cut in to create a natural look. The hair was then styled using just a pea size amount of heat protector and large tongs, which add body and also compliments the layers.

This style is perfect for any occasion and if kept well can last between 6-8 weeks. To maintain a style like this I would recommend avoid using excess oils and washing regularly.