Maintaining your hairstyle and working out can seem impossible however if you create a routine and put in a little extra effort it can be easily achievable. Try to visit the gym days in a row, on the first day wrap your hair using paper wrapping strips along with a breathable mess wrap. Once you’ve finished working out remove existing wraps and re-wrap the hair using fresh papers, allow to dry as your body cools down.

After a few days of sweat build up I then recommend you wash and wrap your hair and do a soft tong until you are able to visit the salon. If your hair has length to it place in a high loose bun and wrap your edges using paper wrapping strips along with a breathable mesh wrap. Once finished working out blow dry the hair with cool air, this helps by closing the follicles of the hair whilst encouraging them to lay flat and smooth. Also like short hair once there is too much sweat build-up a wash is advised.