Too often clients come in and I feel as though they are not getting value for their money when purchasing hair from vendors, vendors tend to claim they are selling bundles of the highest quality when in actual fact they’re not.

To ensure my clients are purchasing good quality hair bundles here are a few tips…

1. If you are unsure of a promotion i.e. photos/comments try not to buy blind, buying blind is purchasing a product without any first hand contact with it. I know when buying hair, it can be difficult to follow through with seeing it before you purchase but it is the best option.

2. When purchasing bundles run your fingers from top to tip to get a feel for the texture, the texture should be smooth but not extremely silky as the hair must always have body and weight.

3. Ensure your bundles are full right the way to the tips, thin bundles will only result in the hair looking equally as thin once installed. This will then force you to use more bundles in order to give you your desired style. Using excessive bundles can cause strain to your hair follicles which if damaged could result in permanent bald patches.

4. If possible, check the weft of the bundles to ensure they are neatly stitched and only have a double layer of weft stitched together.

5. Avoid buying pre-coloured bundles, try to purchase them in their natural form which is usually Colour 1b or Colour 2.